Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a website?

You will get dynamic advantages while creating a website. Websites create an online presence and will allow to connect new people or may say customers. You can showcase your business or portfolio to the globe and reach to connect with people that you might not otherwise be able to reach. You will get potential customers of your products and services that aren't aware of your business and the services you offer. You will be easily reachable for them with website contact information.

Why should I create a website using Quick Websites?

It is quick, easy and free / affordable.

What is QuickWebsites?

QuickWebsites is an easy online  tool to create responsive websites without any technical knowledge. We provide website building app services on android and ios platforms.

What can I do with QuickWebsites?

  • Create a QuickWebsites account.
  • Pick a template design from our collection and add your text, images and contact form.
  • Publish your website.
  • You can append more using customization features like Image Sliders, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Custom Links, Contact form, Social Links etc

How to create a website with QuickWebsites?

Here is how can you start building your website:

  • Get organized
  • Think about the content you want to include on your website. It will be logo, Main image, slider images, About text, Gallery images, Video links, Social media links Your contact details, location details Collect and store it in a folder of your computer.
  • Login to https://QuickWebsites (Sign up if you have not done)
  • Click on the "Create New Website" button
  • "Select Template" is the first page of the wizard. Here you can
a. Choose your design from the website template collection. Click Next 6. "Select Images" is the next page of the wizard
  • Upload Background image and logo in the images tab. Click Next only if you finished the page and skipping next tabs.
  • Choose the Appearance tab if you need to add slider images, Youtube videos as sliders or need to change the appearance using color change. Click Next only if you finished the page and skipping next tab.
  • Choose a custom css tab only if you have knowledge about css. Click Next
  • "Contact Info" is the next page of the wizard
    1. Fill contact details
    2. Fill Social media links
  • "Preview QuickWebsites" is the next page of the wizard
    1. Here you can see the preview of of the website you are going to publish
    2. Finish button to publish the website.

How can I get the preview of my website created with QuickWebsites?

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Choose your website under all websites section in menu
  • Click on View website

How can I edit the content of a website with QuickWebsites?

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Choose your website under all websites section in menu
  • You will get an expanded sub menu
    1. You can edit contact details and social media links using Edit contact info. You can edit images, templates, appearance and css using edit appearance.
    2. You can edit gallery images, gallery videos and links using edit content
    3. You can edit menu page contents using manage pages

How can I view the traffic of my website with QuickWebsites?

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Choose your website under all websites section in menu
  • Click on View stats

How can I enable/disable/delete my website with QuickWebsites?

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Choose your website under all websites section in menu
  • Click on enable to enable a disabled website
  • Click on disable to disable a website 5, Click on delete to delete a website

I forgot my password. Can I retrieve my account in QuickWebsites?

Yes. In login page choose forget password option

Is my website created easily using QuickWebsites?

Yes. You could create your own website within 5 minutes using QuickWebsites.

Is any technical knowledge required to create or customize a website?

No technical knowledge required.

Are any coding skills required to create or customize a website?

No coding skill required.

What are the contents I can place on my website?

Logo, Text, Slider images, Slider Video(youtube link), Gallery images(licensed or own images), Gallery videos(youtube link), urls, Social media links, Contact details, Location.

Does my website look perfect in mobile, tab etc?

Yes, we use 100% responsive templates.

How does my website look for a user?

Website will have a clear and intuitive user interface. There should be eye catching and easy graphics and fonts used.

What changes could I make easily in the appearances of a website?

You can edit/customize the following:

  • Body Background color of the website
  • Header & Footer color of the website Content text color of the website
  • Header & Footer text color of the website

Can I add more pages to my website?


Can I edit the menu of my website?


Can I publish the website using QuickWebsites?


Can I keep my website secure and safe using QuickWebsites?

Yes. All the content from your site will be encrypted using a SSL certificate. SSL certificate will establish an encrypted link between your web server and the browser of the usetr visiting your site. So all website data will be kept private. which is important if you want visitors to your site to be safe.

Can I get an SSL Certificate for my website url?


I am a web designer. Can I edit the css of my content on the website?

Yes, Custom css support is available.

What are the other website features available for my website in QuickWebsites?

  1. Custom CSS Support
  2. Custom Menu
  3. Header and footer management
  4. Analytics
  5. Detailed Analytics
  6. Google analytics support
  7. Leads management
  8. Link your own domain
  9. Customize sub domain
  10. Manage metadata

Can I connect my website with social media?

Yes. There is an option to link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. By centrally locating all the links in one place you are providing a seamless experience to your online visitors.

Can I get the Preview before publishing my website?


How many templates are available?

Many, Can't say precisely. We are updating the collection periodically.

What are the features available in Premium Plan?

  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Links
  • Contact form
  • No ads
  • Additional design templates
  • Premium 24/7 support

What are the payment methods we accept?

All Credit/Debit card payments and Paypal

Are there any free plans?


Can I create a website using a free plan?

Yes. Some advanced features will be off.

Which are the plans available?

How can I opt for a Paid Plan?

Here are the paid . You can opt in by clicking the Get started button. It will lead you to the payment page.

I need a Bulk website plan, Is it available?

Yes, You need to opt for a corporate plan by clicking the contact button. We will share the pricing via your contact details.

Can I link my website created in QuickWebsites to my own domain?


Can I get website analytics from QuickWebsites dashboard?


Can I connect my website crated in QuickWebsites with google analytics?


Will my website created in QuickWebsites be SEO friendly?

Yes. You can add meta data for the websites created

Can I customize my website url in QuickWebsites?


Can I manage the leads of my website created in QuickWebsites?


How many websites can I have in one QuickWebsites account?


Does QuickWebsites have any mobile app?

Yes, We have a mobile app. It is available on the Google PlayStore and iOS app store. You can get the download links here Download.

How QuickWebsites support works

We have 24 hours email support. We can reply your queries quickly